Drone Warfare by: John Kaag and Sarah Kreps

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"Say hello to Bebop, aka the AR Drone 3.0. This is the latest drone from Parrot and it’s a big upgrade from the much-loved AR Drone. It’s essentially a flying camera that can even pipe imagery directly into an Oculus Rift headset, taking flying in the clouds to a whole new level." Parrot’s Newest Drone Packs A Serious Camera, Extreme Range

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Atlantic: Thailand’s Protests Produce Surprising Innovation: Drone Journalism

NZZ: News-Bilder mittels Drohnen

Lady Gaga is essentially an unmanned drone now
Drohnen spinnen Netze

Einstiegstext zum Thema Drohnen für das WPK Quarterly ( PDF ab S.6)

6 Ways to Use Domestic Drones

Drones tag and track quarry using nanoparticle sprays - “Voxtel, a firm in Beaverton, Oregon, has won a US Air Force contract to develop a drone-based tagging system. Voxtel makes tagging materials – taggants – that can be used to discreetly label vehicles carrying smuggled goods, or people who are involved in civil disobedience or attempting to cross international borders illegally.”
Black Hornet Nano - “Der unbemannte Hubschrauber ist 10 Zentimeter lang und 2,5 Zentimeter breit, er wiegt gerade mal 16 Gramm. Angetrieben wird er von einem Hauptrotor, der einen Durchmesser von 12 Zentimetern hat, und einem Heckrotor. Das UAV hat eine Reichweite von rund 800 Metern und kann mit einer Akkuladung eine halbe Stunde in der Luft bleiben. Die Fluggeschwindigkeit liegt bei 35 Kilometern pro Stunde.”
'Hexacopter' makes BBC News debut
"For starters, the BBC has established and strict filming rules, and secondly, the hexacopter is regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority. That means we cannot: fly within 50m of a road or building unless it’s under our control fly over crowds fly 500m horizontally or 120m vertically from the pilot It also means we have to log a flight plan before every take-off. As an extra safety layer, there is a GPS-based system on board that ensures that if the radio link breaks down between the pilot and the machine it automatically flies back to where it took off from, and lands."
Drone-launching drones aim to aid in disaster relief -  defibrillator-equipped medical emergency drones and drones that can fire watermissiles